About Us

Hi! My name is Harry Hager

and I am the man who never grew up. Well that is what my girlfriend and my parents say. This is due to no fault of mine though as I love skating, and that is all I do.

Not quite all I do as you will find out here as I share my passion, expertize and talents with everybody who would love to skate. When I was three years old my older brother bought me, a the baby in the house my first pair of skates which I still have to this day even though it is a pair that would never fit me again.

I was not so lucky to have a teacher then and after many, many falls and pickups, tears, blood, scrapes and more cuts and eating tar roads and cement pavements could I finally stand on my own two feet, (in skates) of course.

Since my first pair have I owned many and still do as I love experimenting with rollerblades or inline skates as many like to call it. I do not need to brag when I say that I honestly am an expert skater and have the qualifications to prove it too. As a certified IISA/ICP instructor level 2 I might add, I teach everybody of any age how to skate.

Even though

I am not a parent myself I love children and relate to them very well. I had my first skate at age three and know very well how it feels not to be able to skate or having someone who took me serious and helped me skate. That probably stuck in my little mind as to this day I love teaching my little skaters even more than the enjoyment of watching a grownup master their moves on skates.

As an adult who have mastered all the moves and continue to add new unique tricks and steps to my repertoire it gives me pleasure to teach you. Instead of spending thousands on expensive lessons from a teacher who gets a lousy salary to teach people how to skate, I want to give you more than just lessons. I share my expertise and at an affordable rate to boot.

Aside from my love for skating have I found after I passed my instructors exam in 2000 that teaching is my other passion. It gives me great pleasure to see people and children rise up from barely standing on skates to trying to outskate me.
Well, I love a challenge….