Skating Lessons

Welcome to Cienciado Skate!

You are here because you love skating or would love to learn….

That is my goal to get you on your “wheels” and make you a skating champ with tricks and skills that will astonish your friends.

In recent years the tremendous benefits of skating for exercise caused that more and more people take up skating. Likely things that came to mind when thinking about fitness and exercise and weight loss include going to the gym, yoga, running, cycling, and swimming.

However skating was overlooked until a few years ago, now people kill two birds with one stone – have fun and get fit with skating.

Recreational inline skating

is a tremendously popular sport and exercise medium for millions worldwide. Hundreds of manufacturers with excellent quality skates that offer rigid support with wheels extending further to the rear and front aiding in skater’s balance and momentum.

A great fun way to be outdoors, have fun and keep fit with friends while you learn new stunts, trick and advanced manoeuvres.