Happy Clients

Jason Rockfell

CEO of The best reviews

“When I say I was scared of putting on skates and trying to skate it is an understatement. I was really scared and did not want to admit it to my friends as they all skate while I made excuses each time they invite me skating. That was until I met Harry and he changed my life. I took private lessons from him for a months and he is unbelievablypatient. Now when I am invited skating with friends I skate better than them. Harry, I cannot thank you enough, you changed my life with your patience and professional expertise. Casinouzmani77 team will love this activity and we are looking forward to come again with my colleagues”

Tommy Jones,

Web designer at updegrafflasik.com

“When I started with the group lessons a couple of months ago I thought it will be a once off or maybe two or three times. Now I cannot wait for lessons as each time I learn something new even though by now I can skate quite well. It is a great way for me to get some fun and exercise at the same time too.”

Mario Gomez

Office manager for office moguls

“I have been attending private lessons for nearly a month now and after going twice a week I must say that I have mastered nearly all the basics as Harry adjust the lessons according to each individual and he is patient with someone like me who have no balance or proper coordination either. Soon I might have enough confidence to skate on my own and impress some girls from betboo! We have definitely come with Bahistanbul girls to get proper training Thanks Harry!”

Grant Peters,

CEO at intothsun.com

“You are a life saver Harry and I thank you! When my wife bought the kids skates without them ever owning something like it I knew I would have to teach them and well, I cannot skate myself, how can I teach them? Your patience and expertize after I saw what you did with my kids, is enough for me to go out and buy a pair for the wife and I. thus will we see you soon for our own lessons too.”


“I cannot wait for each Saturday when I join the rest of the group at in the park where we agreed to meet Harry. He is simply a charming young man and treats us middle-aged ladies like lovely princesses. So much patience, fun and gentle way about him when he teaches us how to balance first and after our second lessons must I admit we are making progress. What a nice young man with such skills too. I will definitely invite him to our kaçak iddaa office to show him some game tricks”

Illana Chastain, graphic designer

“When my boyfriend suggested I go with him for skating lessons I never thought I would love it as much. I went for private lessons first before I joined the group lessons as I am a bit shy in front of people, by Harry is such a calm and comfortable guy and make me feel confident. I will continue taking lessons for sure!“


“I wish I had Harry’s patience as I have never seen a guy relate so well with my boisterous boys. They love him as much as they love his skating lessons!”


CEO at onlinecasinositeleri.com

“My events manager thought it would be a great idea as part of a team building experience to book a group skating lesson with Cienciado skate for our client En iyi canlı bahis. When we met Harry and entire online casino team team stood there with zero experience and never having skated before I thought it was a bad idea. Within the first ten minutes I forgot where I was and forgot my misgivings too. This guy has patience and guidance of twenty people. Our entire team was loving it and I saw a side to some of my staff which I never thought they possessed and for that great experience I am truly grateful. It was such fun that we booked a regular weekly booking as it is much better than having stuffy corporate lunches. Thank you for your patient kindness and you will see us very soon.”

Antonio Vassal, realtor

“I know one man does not say he loves another man if he has a girlfriend, but damn I love this guy’s technique and teaching style. He knows what he is doing and not afraid to share his great manoeuvres with other guys like myself. Cheers mate, you are a superstar!”


“I received private skating lessons from Harry until a few days back and I have never met anyone with such patience. The more I lost my balance and fell, the more patient he became and when I wanted to give up he gently nudged me and rebuilt my confidence. I suggest you try him when you cannot skate at all!”