Skating Lessons

Most of my clients do not feel comfortable to start skating for the first time in a group, which I respect and understand. The fear of embarrassing yourself is something I fully understand I assure you here today, everybody has to start somewhere and nobody can skate if they are not taught how to skate.

Those of us who can skate today have also been where you are today, non-skaters with a desire to skate. I teach any level from a complete beginner to intermediate and even other professionals who want to learn my own unique trick. Let me share with you that I also go to other professional skaters who have a trick I do not know and learn from them.

My private skating lessons are based solely on reaching personal and specific goals. Some people can skate, but want certain tricks or moves. Others want to learn to balance for the first time, I offer it all.

I book lessons convenient for you according to time availability.

Group skating lessons are loads of fun as many love the feeling of many around them some more advanced and others less experienced. The advantage you have with the group lessons is that everybody in that group even when more advanced than you were there where you are now.

I have found in my lessons that most of my students come for the private lessons first before they move on to the group classes. Some only needed one private class whereas others continue even though they have mastered many challenges. The choices in lessons are up to individuals and in a group will you after you have perfect balance be taught how to:

  • Several different stops
  • Shalom marching
  • Two-foot hopping while rolling
  • Forward scissors
  • Shoot the duck in one place
  • Backward scissors
  • Backward marching
  • Cross-in-fronts
  • Progressive running drill
  • Figure circle
  • Tango cross
  • Outside and inside edges
  • Musical timing
  • And much more advanced skills, tips and tricks

Kids skating is where my true passion lies as my immense love for little people is something which I carry with me and I love working with children especially. It might be because they love skating as much as I do and only a person who can skate have the ability to teach the young ones how to move and bend correctly.

Nobody taught me and that is why I love focusing on them with attentive care and consideration. I use different technique in teaching kids and my lessons are games based. Aside from my group kids skating at different experience levels do I also teach kids private skating levels.

My lesson program includes:
  • Warm- up exercise
  • Balance
  • Footwork
  • Safety – falling and getting up properly
  • Stopping and starting
  • Moving forward